Higher Education Institutions, associations and companies composed of Credential Evaluators, as well as other public or private bodies, Italian or foreign, which deal with Credential Evaluation or which, although not directly involved in the evaluation of credentials, are interested in the activities of the Association and intend to contribute to the pursuit of its purposes can join as Supporters.

To register as a Supporter, you must send your application to the Governing Council by completing the online application form. As far as the Association is concerned, it is understood that the Supporters will be represented by their legal representative or by a person delegated by the same.

The annual membership fee starting at €1500 includes:

  • Registration in the association as a Supporter;
  • Inclusion in the list of APICE Supporters on the website of the association (unless otherwise expressly requested)
  • Two free individual memberships either as associates or trainee members. Upon registration, the supporter will be requested to provide the names of the sponsored members. Individual members should then register on APICE website through the online application form to have their professional profile assessed by the Governing Council. Candidates who successfully pass the compliance assessment will be immediately admitted and will receive the personal credentials to access to the reserved area of the APICE portal.
  • 20% Reduction on the membership fee for additional members (starting from the 3rd member belonging to the same supporting organization, associates fees amount to 120€ and Trainee Member fees amont to 80€);
  • Access to APICE training activities for non-members employees;
  • Possibility to request a study visit by APICE experts to analyse the current evaluation and recognition procedures performed by the supporting Institution with regards to their compliance with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and the European Standards and Guidelines. Schedule, modalities, and fees will be agreed upon by the Institution and APICE.
Profile of the Supporter in APICE
Membership fee
1500€  (min) / per annum
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