Associates who have successfully passed the compliance assessment and meet the requirements of the UNI Reference Practice Number 120: 2021 will be able to apply for the Quality Certification and Professional Qualification of Services.

The release of the Certification has a cost of €50 and is valid for three years.

Request Certification

The requisites for release of the certification are:

  1. being a member of APICE as Associate;
  2. being up-to-date with the payment of fees;
  3. in compliance with the requirement of continuous professional updating (for years following that of registration);
  4. not having disciplinary measures in place;
  5. 05. not having complaints filed with the Consumer Rights Helpdesk.

The certification testifies the regular registration of the professional in the Association, the requisites necessary for participation in the Association itself, the quality standards and professional qualification required for registration, the guarantees provided by the association to users, including activation of the help desk for consumers, and the possible possession by the registered professional of a certification issued by an accredited body.