Professionals and experts in the evaluation and recognition of qualifications, who have been carrying out this activity full-time and professionally for at least 3 years within the terms established pursuant to art. 1.2 of the Statute, can be admitted as Associates.

The profile of the Associates must be in line with the professional figure of the Credential Evaluator as established by the Statute of the Association and the UNI Reference Practice Number 120: 2021 in terms of the requirements of knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility of the profession.

To register as an Associate, you must send your application to the Governing Council by filling out the online application form which is an integral part of the process and uploading the documentation documenting the existence of the requirements for admission.

If necessary, the Board of Directors may request additional documentation or the taking of an admission exam prepared by the Technical Commission.

The annual membership fee of €150 includes registration in the association as an associate with voting rights, access to the reserved area of the APICE portal, the possibility of taking the Quality Certification and Professional Qualification of Services exam, as well as reductions on the cost of APICE events, training courses and refresher courses.

Profile of the Associate Credential Evaluator in APICE
Membership fee
150€ / per annum
Professional experience
3 years full-time experience
5 years full-time experience
Academic qualification
Laurea (triennale) or equivalent international qualification*
Laurea (triennale) or equivalent international qualification*
* The requirements referring to the required qualification can be replaced by at least 4 further years of professional experience
Non-formal learning
75 hours in the last 12 months, in classroom, online or in mixed mode relating to specific knowledge and skills of the professional figure
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