APICE is the first association for Credential Evaluators present in Italy. By subscribing to APICE you will be connected to a dynamic and active community of qualification evaluation professionals, you will have access to events and training and refresher courses and you will be able to exchange ideas and best practices with industry experts.

How to become an APICE member

  • Requirements check

    Check which of the categories of members you belong to and how to join
  • Register on the portal

    Fill out the online application form and submit your application

  • We will assess your profile

    We will carefully assess your curriculum, your experience and compatibility with the aims of the Association.

  • Pay the membership fee

    Follow the instructions on the portal for paying the Membership Fee

  • Welcome to APICE!

    If the evaluation is successful, you will receive a message confirming your admission and the credentials to access the reserved area


It is possible to join APICE as Associates, Trainee members or Supporters and thus access the resources reserved exclusively for our members. Find out how.

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