APICE includes several categories of members: Associates, Trainee members and Supporters. Find out who they are:



APICE Associates are professionals, experts in the evaluation and recognition of qualifications, who have been carrying out this activity regularly and professionally for at least 3 years.

The profile of the Associates is in line with the professional figure of the Credential Evaluator as established by the Statute of the Association and the Reference Practice Number 120: 2021, in terms of knowledge requirements, skills, autonomy and responsibility of the profession.



Trainee Members

The Trainee Members also participate in the activities of APICE while, although not fully possessing the requirements for the professional profile of the Credential Evaluator, have decided to acquire them through dedicated training programmes and intend to actively contribute in the pursuit of the Association's aims.




The APICE network also includes Higher Education Institutions, associations and firms composed of Credential Evaluators, as well as other bodies, public and private, Italian and foreign, which deal with Credential Evaluation or which, although not directly involved in the evaluation of credentials, participate in the activities of APICE as Supporters of the Association.