Serena Spitalieri

Appointed by the Assembly and chosen from the members of the Board at the time of the appointment of the Governing Council, the President is the legal representative of the association, chairs the Assembly and the Governing Council and oversees the smooth running of the Association's activities.

President Emeritus

Luca Lantero

Appointed and chosen among the founding members in the deed of incorporation, the President Emeritus is the institutional representative of the association and takes care of its relations with national and international bodies and institutions.

Governing Council

It consists of an even number of Councillors, established from time to time by the Assembly at the time of appointment, not less than 2 and no more than 6 chosen from among the Members, as well as by the President Emeritus. The Governing Council has all the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration and oversees the activities of the association.

The current Governing Council is composed as follows:


  • Serena Spitalieri


  • Chiara Finocchietti


President emeritus

  • Luca Lantero


  • Silvia Bianco
  • Letizia Brambilla Pisoni

Technical Commission

It consists of the President Emeritus and 2 additional members identified by the Assembly among the individuals proposed by the Governing Council who have reached senior level as Credential Evaluators according to the standards set by the UNI Reference Practice Number 120: 2021 in force since 22 October 2021.

The Technical Commission, in addition to drafting, modifying and updating the Code of Conduct, supervising compliance with the same and expressing opinions on requests for admission to the Association by would-be Associates, (i) prepares and annually updates any examination of admission to the Association, (ii) establishes the minimum number of professional credits that Associates are required to acquire annually, (iii) organises training and refresher courses for Credential Evaluators, for Associates and for Trainee members, attributing to each course the amount of professional credits that are awarded to the participants, (iv) prepares training and/or refresher exams for Credential Evaluators, for Associates and for Trainee members and (v) evaluates training and refresher courses organised by third parties for the purpose of recognising professional credits for participation in the same;

The current Technical Commission is composed as follows:

President Emeritus

  • Luca Lantero

Commission Members

  • Laura Dirvonskyte
  • Ana Andrea Pop


It is made up of all the Members in good standing, upon the acceptance of the membership obligations, with the payment of the membership fee and any other measures approved by the Governing Council.

Organisation chart

        Governing Council           Technical Commission  
  President           President Emeritus        


Registered office – Lazio

Viale XXI Aprile 36, 00162 Roma (RM)

Regional contact person: Serena Spitalieri


Regional office – Veneto

Santa Croce 1957, 30135 Venezia (VE)

Regional contact person:  Gianluca Zucconelli

Regional office – Sicilia

Via Stabile 172, Palermo (PA)

Regional contact person:  Susanna Taormina