Anyone who, while not fully possessing the requirements for the professional profile of the Credential Evaluator, is interested in acquiring them and wishes to participate in APICE's activities and actively contribute to the pursuit of its purposes can be admitted as a Trainee Member.

To register as a Trainee Member, you must submit your application to the Governing Council by filling out the online application form

If necessary, the Governing Council may request additional documentation or the taking of an admission exam prepared by the Technical Commission.

The annual membership fee of €100 includes registration in the association as a Trainee Member, access to the reserved area of the APICE portal, favourable rates for access to training activities dedicated to trainee members, as well as reductions on the cost of APICE events, training courses and refresher courses.

Profile of the Trainee Member in APICE
Membership fee
100€ / per annum
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