The Credential Evaluator is a capable and qualified professional, whose responsibility is the evaluation of school and academic qualifications, professional qualifications, and any other certification, even partial, relating to one or more sectors of school and higher education in a country.

Indeed, credential evaluation professionals help higher education institutions, employers, government authorities and other bodies responsible for the various recognition procedures to evaluate foreign qualifications in an appropriate way.

The Credential Evaluator possesses advanced professional knowledge in the management of qualification recognition procedures, in terms of comparability, equivalence and nostrification with qualifications from other foreign systems, in consideration of the specific elements of a qualification and on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the different models of schooling and higher education at national and international level.

The Credential Evaluator is also competent in matters of national and international legislation on the subject of recognition of qualifications and in the use of the tools and documentation developed in this sector (national and international qualifications frameworks, grading systems, credit accumulation systems, documentation to support qualifications, diploma supplements, etc.).